Anita & Tamás - 2014

Valódi Esküvők

ANITA & VIKTOR Wedding Photography - Villa Vitae 2 photographers

In December, the wedding photographer usually leans back and plans for the next season. But not in our case! Viktor Király and Anita Virág asked us to take photos of their upcoming wedding in the picturesque Villa Vitae in Balatonfüred. In a short time, a super small team came together! If the atmosphere and glamorous charm of the venue can be enhanced, this has been done by the deservedly infamous Fleur & Ballon with its gold-and-white decor matching the kings. The breathtaking night ceremony was led by ceremony leader Barbara Bánhegyi and cm, but the icing on the cake was the work of Dj Ecler Sanyi, the magician of the decor lights and the accomplice of the dancing legs. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say he was part of a really royal wedding for both the staff and the guests.

Anita & Viktor 077.jpg

RÉKA & SZABOLCS Wedding Photography - Mallorca 2 photographers

Maybe secretly everyone dreams of a similar wedding ... The two of you escape to a wonderful beautiful Mediterranean island, where the sunlight and the endless blue sky color every moment. Maybe I’m not exaggerating when I write that this November wedding was perfect in every detail. Cheerfulness, spontaneity, Mallorca ... <3

Réka & Szabolcs 089.jpg

SANDRA & KOKO Wedding Photography - Liszkay Wine Mansion 2 photographers

Sandra and Koko’s wedding can only be talked about in superlatives, the venue of which was the magical Kali Pool. But first of all, we would like to mention that we really rarely have the opportunity to meet two such bare-hearted people. We are grateful to have been a part of and to capture one of the most important events of their lives. Of course, all this wouldn’t have been so magical if it hadn’t been for Viki, who, as a wedding planner, smoothed out every detail in a bloody way, almost unnoticed, and made sure that only the best from every service area made up the team. But let the pictures speak for us, because we could write pages about this wedding that is enchanting in every way. Alongside the pictures are some thoughts: youthful laxity, real emotions, intimate moments, beautiful details and a family atmosphere ...

Esküvői fotózás a Liszkay Borkúriában

LIVIA & OLIVER Wedding photography - Füred Hotel 2 photographers

Style and elegance. Perhaps these words best describe every detail of Livia and Oliver’s wedding. We were able to take part in their play in Balatonfüred. Professional organization, super providers and of course two people who not only give a hundred percent into the business, but also into their love!

Lívia & Olivér 1342.jpg

REBEKA & LACI Wedding photography - Margaret Island Casino 2 photographers

Rebeka and Laci’s lives are no longer forged together not only by a commitment to competitive sports, but also by this perfectly executed fun and family wedding, the capture of which was also a huge experience. Preparations for the Hilton hotel in the heart of Buda Castle, a church ceremony in the breathtaking Matthias Church, and then the party continued in the stylishly renovated Margaret Island Casino. They are beautiful and happy!

SOPHIE & GÁBOR Wedding photography - Bodrogi Kúria 2 photographers

Even after 4 months, I admire our wedding photos! I just can't get enough of them. Geniuses are Doubles, and they are also very cooperative, helpful and patient! Thanks again Boys !!! "/ Sophie and Gábor /

Zsófi & Gábor 0528.jpg

ANETT & BALÁZS Wedding Photography - Italy, Lake Comoi 2 photographers

Following the example of Padme and Anakin, Anett and Balázs also chose Villa del Balbianello on the shores of Lake Como in Italy as the venue for their fairytale wedding. Anettes imagined the most beautiful scene in the film of our lives on this romantic peninsula. The special feature of the dream location, in addition to the picturesque landscape and the magnificent building, is that it can only be approached in a romantic way exclusively by boat. Dream wedding in pictures!


MARIANN & GERGŐ Wedding Photography - Liszkay Wine Mansion 2 photographers

A really lavish summer wedding with a very likable couple and a dream team. In the absence of free time, Mariann and Gergő handed over the organization to professional hands, which Viki shaped perfectly in the colors of Red Shoes Weddings. The venue of the wedding, which also fits the fairy tale, was the Liszkay Wine Mansion in the Káli Basin, also known as the Hungarian Tuscany. Hot summer sunshine, a beautiful blue pool, colorful, cool drinks, and lush vineyards until just the eye can see ...


FANNI & BÁLINT Wedding Photography - Robinson 2 photographers

"Szabi and Szili are the most professional photographer duo! On the one hand, the pictures became beautiful, very precise, and incredibly good heads too! They added to our wedding with their expertise and personality." / Fanni & Bálint /



BARBI & LACI Creative photography - Croatia 2 photographers

Barbi and Laci said yes to each other in an intimate circle and wanted a truly special and energetic creative series that could remain an eternal memory. Our choice fell on beautiful Croatia, where we could spend an entire day taking pictures, so we had time for a nice breakfast and a family-style beach lunch in addition to taking photos in several fabulous locations.

Esküvői fotózás Horvátországban

NIKI & GÁBOR Wedding photography - Bodrogi Kúria 2 photographers

Niki and Gábor are a really maximalist and purposeful couple, who solve every task, one hundred and ten percent. They were such in work, relaxation, love and of course they were also in the organization of their wedding, which was held at the lavish Bodrogi Mansion, with attention to every detail. Their good fairy help, which is essential for this, was embodied in the person of wedding organizer Barbara Mészáros. But let the pictures speak for us ...

Niki & Gábor 1003 másolata.jpg

LILLA & MATYI Wedding Photography - Four Points by Sheraton 2 photographers

"We're very much like to thank wonderful work in, we loved every minute of shooting people. Creativity Island are endless, brilliant ideas. I always took many, many laughs, viccelődéssel time together or a bit we felt awkward in front of you! Years later an enormous welcome to spend us when we look at the pictures you have taken. The best decision was that we chose you to capture the most beautiful day of our lives! "/ Lilla & Matyi /

Lilla & Matyi Wien 094.jpg

KITTI & GERGŐ Wedding photography - Budapest 2 photographers

Kitti and Gergő's wedding was on an extra hot summer day. After Kitti's preparation, we hurried to the church ceremony, the imposing Reformed Parish of Buda, where the young couple saw each other for the first time after the march. After the ceremony, the wedding crowd arrived at the Trophy Grill Restaurant. The decor evoked the magical atmosphere of Balaton photography, so lavender dominated here as well. Since Kitti and Gergő are really social people, the atmosphere of the wedding was relaxed and familiar. The creative photography was taken in the days after the wedding at the stunning Prestige Hotel and the Castle Garden Bazaar. We loved photography with them, as Kitti is the real woman in the classical sense and Gergő is the perfect match.

Esküvői fotózás Budapest

MÓNI & GÁBOR Wedding photography - Manna lounge 2 photographers

"We are very grateful to the boys for the wonderful pictures, the good mood photos, the mileage we spent together in the car and the professional attitude that made our day even more special! Thank you !!" / Móni and Gábor /


BOGI & BALI Creative photography - Croatia 2 photographers

Esküvői fotózás Horvátország

ANNA & PETI Wedding photography - Varga Tanya 2 photographers

"Let's start with the evil: you are like a religious sect! You are restrained around, you are good heads, then you are completely networked and you don't let it anymore ... when you put it on the table the way we got it: Perfect! This is DoubleExpoism! We already have we belong to the flock and spread the word! " / Anna & Peti /

Esküvői fotózás Varga Tanya

KSENIA & LUKAS Wedding photography - Laxenburg, Vienna

Wedding Laxenburg

TUCK & RAFA Wedding Photography - Fritz Tanya 2 photographers

"The colors and settings in the photos are beautiful, we really liked it. Maybe we mentioned that I grew up in Kecskemét myself, so I'm especially glad that we managed to find such a blood-professional Hungarian - Kecskemét - photo studio ... "

/ Tuck & Rafa /

RITA & MÁTÉ Wedding photography - Kecskemét 2 photographers

The story of Rita and Matthew was not new to us. We can say that this is the dream of every wedding photographer. The preparation was in a beautiful, bright apartment, full of more and more beautiful textures. The wedding dress came straight from Éva Halász's workshop. Rita was simply breathtaking. The decor was Szilvia Gyenes' dream world! This was enhanced by the decor lights. The Matthews did not compromise on this either! Thanks to Gábor Audio , the whole tent was flooded with light. The whole wedding took place in a very good mood, which was mainly due to the best man Roland Vaslóczki . We had a lot of fun. The creative photography took place a few days later, in the middle of Lake Balaton, on a sailboat ... :-)

Esküvői fotózás Balaton

ISA & CHRISTIAN Wedding photography - Prónay Castle 2 photographers

The story of Iza, of Polish descent, and Krisztián, born in the Hungarian Great Plain, began in England. They decided to connect their lives in the beautiful Prónay Castle in Hungary. The wedding crowd, representing nine countries, was incredibly loose and relaxed. We witnessed a lot of emotion. Iza fell in love with Budapest, so we took the creative photography in the iconic locations of the city.

Esküvői fotózás a Prónay Kastélyban

DOUBLE EXPO - Wedding Photographer