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RITA & MÁTÉ Wedding photography - Kecskemét 2 photographers

The story of Rita and Matthew was not new to us. We can say that this is the dream of every wedding photographer. The preparation was in a beautiful, bright apartment, full of more and more beautiful textures. The wedding dress came straight from Éva Halász's workshop. Rita was simply breathtaking. The decor was Szilvia Gyenes' dream world! This was enhanced by the decor lights. The Matthews did not compromise on this either! Thanks to Gábor Audio , the whole tent was flooded with light. The whole wedding took place in a very good mood, which was mainly due to the best man Roland Vaslóczki . We had a lot of fun. The creative photography took place a few days later, in the middle of Lake Balaton, on a sailboat ... :-)

Photo: Double Expo wedding photography

Cinematography: Cinemnaron

Best man : Roland Vaslóczki

Decor: Gyenes Szilvia

Lighting: Gábor Audio


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